HR cases

HR case N1 
Highly effective team

A regional leader of the office goods market plans intensive development of a new direction. The head of the company gathers a team of his best employees but the desired result is not achieved. Task: to form a team that is able to bring a new direction to high rates. Through the selection process we found the best specialists and managers on the market. New management structure and motivation system were developed. The team was renewed by more than 70%, including team’s leader.

Result: new direction is a company’s turnover and profit leader. The company overfulfils its most courageous financial plans and becomes a regional market leader in a new direction.

HR case N2
ABC managers’ ranking

A regional market leader “Telecom” plans to sell a company to a large international internet operator. A goal is to reveal the most perspective managers and managers that should be fired at the moment of the integration of the two companies. The assessment of value and management skills was organized that allowed to divide all managers into three major categories: A – motivate / develop, B – develop / educate, C – educate / not develop, and additional category D (del) – delete.

Result: successful integration of the two companies. The results of the conducted HR arrangements were accepted by international evaluative companies for business merge.

HR case N3
Company’s innovation management

The end of the year 2008 – beginning of 2009. World financial economic crisis. Goal: to build a system of a self-developing company. Management structure of company’s innovative projects was created.

Result: additional annual profit from innovative projects was 4 621 000 rubles, which made 15% of the company’s total profit. More than 60% of the company’s personnel took part in innovative projects.

HR case N4
Anti-crisis arrangements

A large federal internet market player implements only 70% of the plans. Goal: to create a new management structure and rearrange personnel to get the company out of crisis. A new client-oriented management structure was created. All the employees went through the evaluation procedure. New positions were filled based on the principle of functional effectiveness (Adizes concept analogue).

Result: all of the company’s internet projects overdid the plan.

HR case N5
IT department on “a turn-key basis”

Current IT team and IT director have made a decision to leave the company. Goal: to find a replacement for the whole department within a month.

Result: IT director with his team from the Skolkovo project were found within two weeks. A new IT team is more professional and costs less than the previous one.

HR case N6
From small to large

A businessman has found a profitable niche in an information area. Goal: to make a strong business using that niche. Evaluation of the current team was conducted and profile of the key-roles was determined. Everyone who did not fit in the profile of an effective employee was fired and new people were hired instead.

Result: during the upcoming year the company showed growth, exceeding all the courageous expectations. A company is a leading player in its field.