Thank you for your attention to our company.

Here I would like to tell more about our work.

We are the first recruitment agency in Russia working online. This fact, in comparison with other agencies, expands our opportunities.


General information about us:

The agency more than 8 year is specializing in the field of IT, but not limited to it.

Due to the fact that all employees Online Personal are working at remote basis from different points worldwide, we have successfully helped companies to find employees everywhere, covering vacancies anywhere in the world.

We are more in demand in the field of IT, where we provide candidates for companies specializing in projects such as highly loaded systems, non-standard architecture , (eg. online shopping with elements of social networks), the original services and the large Startups.


Our foreign clients: companies such as Get Taxi, Juno, Cubic.ai and others.

In our background the following projects:

– the most popular vacancies as a developer iOS, Android, C ++, C #, PHP, front-end in the Java script and backend on Python, Ruby , etc.;

– vacancies for modern technology stack, for example, specialist with knowledge to Go;

– building IT team from zero;

– replacement of the existing IT-team within three weeks from the date of client’s request to the signed employment contracts, from the CTO, ending QA.


Principles of our work:

Due to the fact that we are not engaged in a massive recruiting, the determining condition of our work is the attention to the client, with which we try to build a relationship of trust:

  •         To provide the service, we studied in detail the specifics of the company’s activities, regions of location, the difficulties are met the Company, when searching for candidates, etc. This is necessary in order to fully understand your needs and criteria for the selection of candidates.
  •         Then we assess our possibilities, how we can be most effective in your situation.

We offer you cooperation, only if we are confident that completely fulfill your requests.

  •         From the client, we ask as much information as about the company and about the requested candidate.

The first part helps us to understand the details of your business that will help us to present your company to the candidate, as an attractive employer. The second part helps our recruiters to screen out at the initial stage the candidates who are technically suitable for professional qualities, but is not suitable, for example, in relation to the corporate culture, or by any other criteria.


Work organization:

  •         The first meeting takes place on Skype, where we discuss the details of your request.
  •         Further we offer you to fill in the application form, which actually determines the search criteria of candidates: title, dates, education, experience requirements. The more detail ensure successful search.

For example, If you need to test candidates, you should indicate this and we organize this procedure and will provide you only those candidates, who passed the test successfully.

  •         After receiving all the information about your needs, we prepare and provide you with the proposal, indicating where the conditions of our cooperation. In case of acceptance of proposal from your side, we are preparing a contract on services.
  •                 Usually, the contract on service is concluded by scanned documents online. If necessary, we will deliver you the original documents by post.


Our working methodology:

  •         Our recruiters are divided into groups depending on the specialization in the technology stack.

All of them use more than 100 different resources to find employees, paying most attention to the professional communities, specialized forums and social networks. In addition, we make extensive use of personnel on the recommendations, based on the base of over 20 000 candidates.

  •         As usual, we conduct primary search and interview candidates and then the most suitable for your requirements, we present to you with our comments and opinions.

Details of our interaction are discussed with you previously.  We are trying to use an individual approach and adapt to the company’s wishes. In any case, we always look forward to the feedback. Feedback helps us to find the most efficient and fast.


Price policy:

  • We don’t have a fixed price list.

The situation of each company is unique and we don’t use the same templates for everyone. In some projects, a critical for cost creation is the location, for others, specific knowledge of candidates, or deadlines. In any case, the cost depends on the objective time spent by our recruiters on the implementation of your request.

  • One of our advantages is the fact that we work without advance payment. You pay for our work only after the first working day of the candidate.
  •  Replacement is carried out once without additional charge; replacement periods are directly dependent on the complexity of the vacancy.
  • In current moment, the average price for selection candidates in IT sector is 15% -25% of the annual income of an employee, we are considering the opportunity to work from 17% per annum. Guaranteed replacement period – 3 months.

But anyway, all the conditions to be discussed, because each situation is unique. We are very flexible and open to discuss counter-proposals in each case. For example, we have the experience of cooperation with regular clients with payment by parts.

I hope above information is useful and presented the company, our team, principles and conditions of our work.

And its helps us become regular partners and good friends.

We will be glad to answer any of your other questions here or we can meet soon on Skype conference (kadr-img).


Yours faithfully, Gennady Samoilenko,

President of the «Online Personal»