Fomin Aleksei Vasilyevich – general director, company’s owner


We have worked with Gennadii Vitalyevich for more than 4 years. He was responsible for work with personnel and company’s innovative development. Gennadii Vitalyevich actively brought new proposals and implemented the plans. As a result we have safely passed financial economic crisis of 2008 together and archived the highest sale volumes and profit in company’s history  

Yurii Karpov – director, internet boutique owner

Bags Boutique

After becoming a business owner I’ve asked Gennadii for assistance with management structure development and staff arrangement. Gennadii has perfectly done the task, in a minimal amount of time we’ve managed to create a highly effective team that showed exceptional results during the very first year of work

Dmitrii Forsait – general director of “Forsait Media” company


We began cooperation with Gennadii in February 2015 when our company had 25 employees. The number of personnel grew up to 97 employees after the first year of work together. Gennadii controlled the creation of organizational structure and getting it ready for scaling. After 6 months of work he started to take part in company’s board of directors. I would like to highlight Gennadii’s result – selection of the IT department in three weeks, attracting a team of 6 technical specialists, including IT director. Because of several precise offers made by Gennadii our company could lower the expenses by about 1 000 000 rubles per year.